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Any changes cause stress in a person, and unforeseen changes cause negative stress, especially nowadays.
Most apps for stress reduction use relaxing melodies and soothing meditations to fight stress. Unfortunately, this technique of passive adaptation gives only a short-term effect, and rarely helps when facing the challenges of everyday reality.
NORBU Stress Control or stress management is the MBSC technique of active adaptation to changes.
Norbu app teaches stress recognition and trains the adaptive skill (stress control) through a sequence of exercises including stress assessment, game, parasympathetic breathing, and meditation.
At regular training for 6-8 weeks, the application forms a habit to discover the cause of stress and adapt to the changes without falling into dullness or depression.
The training methodology has been compiled and based on our own experience and confirmed by research in the PubMed scientific base. We name this technique Mindfulness Based Stress Control (MBSC). All related PubMed links included in the app.
With your review support, more people can meet with their clear, calm and happier mind



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