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Highlights of XERUNG: Contacts Directory || Stay connected
- Xerung helps people, organisation, communities, societies to make their own private directories and include only respective members in the directory.
- Only directory admin shall have access rights to include members in the directory.
- There can be more than one admin in the directory.
- People can search private directories and send request to connect to directory.
- Member of any specific directory can see contact details and profile of all members.
- It will work offline and once connected to internet sync with cloud
- Any one can create private directory and send request to include members
Problem statement:
- On changing mobile, your contacts are lost
- No platform to search contact details of groups with your interests
- Difficult to find contact details of same blood group in need
- Challenge to find contact details of Public directories
XERUNG Solutions:
-Xerung on cloud will help to sync and get your data anywhere, anytime
- You can search directories of your interests and send request to become member
- You can search members of groups with blood group in need
- Xerung provides contact details of public directories

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