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The history of the Ottoman Empire from appearing until Alsagotkadd was the seventh century AH (thirteenth century AD) a black period in the history of the entire Muslim world, at a time when the hordes of Mongol pagans advanced from the east, and destroyed the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad were the remnants of the crusader armies still occupies parts from the shores of Palestine! Compounding the situation worsened the Ayyubid State, which took over the protection of the Muslim world from the attacks of the Crusaders took weakened after the death of Salah al-Din origin. As a result of this that took the Muslim areas is shrinking between the blows of the Gentiles from the east, and campaigns of Christians from the West. And claimed some people believe that Islam will not list him again, but no disaster. See what the reason for that? Historians say there are two reasons: First: that despite the victory of the Mongols on Muslims in the field of war, Islam defeated them in the field of religion, in less than half a century Mughal Islam entered, they became defending it, and spread it among their families in Central Asia. The second is that the Mamluk state which left Ayyubid Egypt in the year 648 AH / 1250 AD, was a powerful military state headed by the commanders of the army of the Mamluk. These were the Mamluk, who are Turks, Armenians and others, had reached the high positions in the army during the rule of the Ayyubid. Finally, took power, and appointed, including the sultans of the state, it has had these Mamluk credited in stopping the advance of the Mongols when "named Goliath" the year 658/1260 AD, as wrested from the Crusaders "Acre" and was the last stronghold in the east in 692 AH / 1292 AD.



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