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Campers' life(キャンパーズライフ)は,キャンパー同士のコミュニケーションを育み,よりキャンプを楽しくするアプリです。
Campers' life is an application that fosters communication between campers and makes camping more fun.
Everyone involved in the camp can feel free to start today.
△△ Let's interact with campers around by sharing and tweeting △△
"Why don't you replace the cans!"
"I have more charcoal. I'll give you one."
“The stars are beautiful. Look at the sky.”
"Look at my proud gear!"
"I will tell you the recommended seasoning (o ^ ― ^ o)"
"Why don't you take a walk together?"
"I will divide the meat buns"
"Go Bingo ~"
"I forgot the hammer! Can you lend me one?"
On the same day, just exchange words and things with a person who happens to camp in the same nature and create a new community!
△△ Let's check the guidance from the campsite △△
"Bathing time and place"
"Kickboard usage time and fee guide"
"Off, sleep announcement"
"Peripheral facilities, tourist information"
You can catch PR of the campsite with location information in real time, such as introduction of facilities, events and activities.
It can also be used as a communication tool between campers and campgrounds.
△△ Let's do a camp saver event on the day of the camp △△
Camp saver is an activity in which members who happen to gather at the same campsite that day become friends with one another if there is a problem.
It would be encouraging if all the campers gathered on this day can make Gurukan!



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