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Metal detector trick: imagine detecting metals – copper, iron, steel, finding gold medal or golden treasure, or making historical findings at archaeological excavations! You will love metal search with magnetic detector simulator, that imitates professional tools like metals sensor.
Wonder how archaeology experts find treasures? Learn archaeology expert tricks with treasure finder game! Imagine becoming an archaeologist, who make archaeological findings like treasure of real medals, copper currency or even find gold money! Use imitated iron finder to hunt tricks like real archaeologist! Tell everyone that you have imitating tools for archaeological finds in your phone: feel like you’ve found some treasured findings with sensors for detecting. Money detector trick: use hand held magnetometer imitation to find underground gold & golden treasures. Becoming a treasure hunter is easy: take precious metal finder sim & imitate finding treasures!
Use this portable handheld imitating magnet tool like a money detector prank: tell you have a pocket scanner for money & copper direct in phone. Sensor will imitate the discover of metal: sound at unexpected moment will tell that there’s something in your friends pockets! Play jewel hunt: try to get a pot of gold, copper, iron & steel at your friends place – and feel like a rich magnate. Imagine finding with a sound: search & hunt the currency or even iron ore all over your place with a handheld, pocket magnetic simulator. Imitated precious metals detector, detecting money (prank! it’s imitation) is good for scanner trick and imaginary games with gold!
App features:
~ Precious metal finder sim: phone imitates magnetometer, detecting steel, etc.
~ Hand held magnet simulator scanner trick
~ Imitate archaeological excavations & making historical findings like a true archaeologist
~ Feel like you know archaeology expert tricks, have professional tools for precious metals
~ Handheld pocket magnetic sensor simulator
~ Rich magnate: feel like you’ve found golden treasures
~ Jewel hunt: imagine finding treasures with tool like phone sensor
~ Becoming an archaeologist: search & hunt for treasured real medals, tools
~ How experts find & classify objects on excavation? With portable handheld sensors for sound search!
~ Pocket scanner simulator: search for iron ore, copper direct in your friends pocket at unexpected moment
~ Real archaeological medals await!
Attention: this app can’t find real treasure hoard! This is just an imitation: your phone doesn’t have precious metals detecting sensor and can’t classify objects! Don’t make excavation illegally. It is illegal & prosecuted!



الإصدار: 1.6

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4.0 or later


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