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Bluetooth Music Widget Battery TWS Pods FREE

3.9 for Android
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The app "Bluetooth Music" you can listen to music and audio files on all audio Bluetooth devices, even those that usually do not allow this, as those who work only during calls.
If your headset has A2DP, you will be able to listen to music in good quality.
You can also use it for hearing AIDS and some car radios.
Using the app "Bluetooth Music" you can quickly see the battery level of the headset.
The function of
"Voice acting" will tell You the remaining battery charge of the Bluetooth device.
Battery check works:
• timer
• the shift of the track in media player
• on call voice of the consultant.
The function of
"Voice acting" uses the built-in voice synthesizer voice you want to configure in the language You use.
The program shows data received from the Bluetooth audio device.
Not all bluetooth devices currently support the Protocol battery the headset.
Depending on the class of Bluetooth audio devices the accuracy of the data charge is different:
• high grade (passes 10 battery States-the interval of 10%)
• the middle class (passes 6-4 battery status - 100%, 90%, 80%, 60%, 50%, 20% or 100%, 70%, 30%, 0%)
• low class (not transferred to the state of charge of the battery).
New features of the app "Bluetooth Music" work with headsets AirPods and their clones TWS iXX W1 with a chip or with a chip H1:
• display of charge of each earphone and box when the lid is opened in a popup window and notification on the taskbar.
• quick automatic pairing when open case with the headphones to the phone.
With the function "Increased volume" you can increase the speaker volume and headphones, as well as the volume of the music on your mobile phone.
The program has 3 widget that can be placed on the main screen:
• Control widget toggle sound modes Bluetooth.
• The widget display the battery level.
• Widget power amplifier.
This app is compatible with most Bluetooth audio devices (speakers, headsets, hearing devices,...) AirPods, Beats, JBL, Sony, Taotronics, Mpow, Anker, Xiaomi, Philips, Soundpeats, Huawei, Aukey, Bts, Qcy, Sbs, Apple, Jabra, Oneplus, Amazon, Tws, Bluedio, Soundcore, Powerbeats, TWS i11, i12, i30, i90, i200, i500
and many other devices supporting hands-free profile (HFP) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

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added screen for requesting geolocation permissions


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