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02.01 for Android
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YourELink Inc.

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A GIF animator, GIFPro is a powerful and easy tool in creating an animated GIF. This Gif maker is extremely easy to use with all features included. We are giving all cool features for free and without watermarks. If you are planning to post your GIF on Facebook this this is what you're looking for.
What's new
★ Saving and Loading of GIF workspace is now supported.
GIF Pro features
★ Convert Images to animated GIF
★ Convert Videos to animated GIF
★ Decode & Encode animated GIF
★ Merge images & video frames and convert it to an animated GIF
★ Generate Animated GIF URL for sharing FB and other social media sites
★ Save animated GIF on your device
Gif Editor
★ Edit your gif's frames using the Adobe creative editor.
★ You can enhance and apply effects on your gif.
★ Add frames, stickers, drawing, texts and overlays.
★ Enhance gif's frames using vignette, brightness & splash effects.
Gif Effects
★ Add multiple gifs in one animated gif.
★ Can combined videos & photos in a single gif.
★ Can shuffle gif frames
★ Can add a reverse gif frames
★ Can interchange or move frames
Gif Added features
★ Can adjust gif output size
★ Can adjust number of loops of the animation
★ Can adjust animation delays
★ Can adjust the quality of gif output

تحديث GIF Pro 02.01

Ver 02.01
- Fixed issues converting video to GIF
- Supports API 27
- Fixed minor issues


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    Android 4 or later
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    YourELink Inc.
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  • GIF Pro
    GIFPro 01.17
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    2019-07-23 09:24
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    2018-05-02 10:19
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    يقف عندما اعمل شير للجيف ..نرجو حل المشكلة والتوقف
    2016-09-28 03:03
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    جميل جدا ولاكن اريد افضل
    2016-06-09 04:37
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    وكل اللي قال انه يعمل حيوان مثل صاحب البرنامج .. والله نصابين ولا يعمل اي شي غير انه يخسرك بيانات جاري حذفه وحسبي الله عليكم يا بهائم
    2016-02-19 09:32
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    لو يحول gif ألي نسويه إلى فيديو يكون أحسن
    2016-02-09 12:59