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A Family Locator On Map - GPS Tracker simplifies the life of people by making it easy to stay safe with their family over the private map. Its a family locator app which is designed to keep every family safe and stay connected with each other using GPS coordinates for FREE.
This Family Locator app lets your family stay in touch over the closed circle at any point in time. This is the most reliable GPS locator and phone tracker app which is integrated with so many unique features into it. Its very easy app to use, even for the elderly and the children.
With Family Locator On Map App, you can:
• create your private circle and add your loved ones into it using the invite code.
• see your connected family & friends’ locations in real time.
• share free locations with the circle members.
• know whether your family member or friends or any connected member reached their destination safely.
• Send/receive SOS or emergency alerts in case of any help with exact location details within a small span of time.
• get automate real-time place alerts whenever a member arrives at or leave destinations.
• set Location-based Reminders for the members.
• set speed alerts for the members.
• mark places to receive alerts for the members.
• see the location history of the members of last 7 days which is available there in the free version.
• do check-in at any point and let your circle members get notified about the same.
• set step count goal for the circle members and compete with them, find who is more physically active.
• see the location of lost or stolen phones
• avoid installing separate GPS tracking devices in your vehicles. Driving analysis of this app will play that role and it will be a money saver for you.
The most accurate and reliable family locator for your family safety no matter what chaos comes in their way. It can also be used as a family trip planning app to make your family outings safer and secure.
This app works on Real-Time Location Sharing feature and enables you to stay connected, synchronized with your connected family members. Get rid of annoying text messages as needed to coordinate your family events or meeting points. This feature works by using GPS sensors of the mobile phone and gives the most accurate detail of the location over the private map.
Using Family Locator On Map app, you can also find your stolen or lost phone by seeing your phone location over your connected family members’ phone device. This app also works as locate my phone in case of need.
Family Locator keeps you in touch with your connected friends even if you are busy or traveling or driving with augmented reality. Get real-time GPS notification whenever they reached the desired location. Invite your friends in the circle and once they approve, you can use it as find my friend app as well.
This app also does detailed driving analysis which provides information like your complete route information, top speed, average speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking during your journey.
Please Note: - You cannot add and locate anyone’s data without their consent. To add and track their trip or see journey details for any circle, you will need the members’ permission. The shared invited code will be entered by the member manually and they have to give their consent to join that group/circle. Privacy of any member is a top concern for us, Family Locator On Map reveals the location to whom only you trust.
For Family Locator On Map app to function properly, location services must be turned on. We have optimized this app for minimum battery consumption.
Give Family Locator On Map App a try, please tell us what you think about it which will automatically help us to make a better solution from the family safety point of view.

تحديث Family Locator On Map - GPS Tracker 6.0.4

-Set Reminders as per location or time
-Safety Alerts like Emergency Alert, Speed Alert feature introduced
-Set Step Count goal for the members
-Bug fixes
-UI Enhancements to give better user experience


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