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5.0.1 for Android
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Henrich Gron

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Configure the device for life situations (at home, at work, in your car, sleep outside, ...) with one click. Only manual configuration. For automatic device configuration check my application PhoneProfilesPlus.
**** Please report me bugs, comments and suggestions to my mail. Speed up the especially bug fixes. Thank you very much. ****
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- for phones and tablets (tablet UI)
- source profile
- add, edit, duplicate, delete profiles (Editor)
- activating profile with click from popup window (Activator)
- notifications: status bar, toast, notification icons style
- application theme - light/dark
- widgets - icon, one row, profile list
- shortcut into profile
- "drag and drop" profiles reordering (Editor)
- import/export profiles preferences into sdcard
profile features:
- ringer mode, sound volume, speakerphone, sounds, airplane mode, automatic data synchronization, mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, screen timeout, screen brightness, screen auto-rotation, run application, launcher wallpaper, lockscreen on/off, Wi-fi hotspot, power save mode, lock device, connect to SSID
- airplane mode: from Android 4.2 only on rooted devices
- GPS: for not-rooted devices only via security hole, when found in device
- NFC: only on rooted devices
- temporary profile activation
- Interruptions (Android 5.0), reqires root
- Mobile data requires root for Android 5.0
- Lockscreen working only for non-secure lockscreen
- Power save mode requires root
Source code (free of use):

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    Android 5.0 or later
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    Henrich Gron
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