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Here are some news for you to learn more about one of the best android apps. 20,000+ users downloaded SIM - INFO latest version on 9Apps for free every week! You can find this multifunction app on 9Apps easily. This hot app was released on 2015-02-17. I will tell you how to use this app in the following page.
SIM-INFO will help you to get 85+ different information about your Sim-Card, Device and Network in less then 1MB.
This application provide you following information about your SIM-Card:
SIM Card Signal Strength ,SIM Card Subscriber ID ,Dual SIM Ready, SIM Card Serial Number ,SIM Card Country ISO Code ,SIM Card Operator Name ,SIM Card Operator Code ,SIM Card State ,SIM Card Roaming Services Status ,SIM Card Data State ,SIM Card Data Activity ,SIM Card Voice Mail Text ID , SIM Card Voice Mail Number ,SIM Card Network Country ISO Code ,SIM Card Network Operator Name , SIM Card Network Operator Code ,SIM Card Network Type , Mobile Country Code (MCC) , Mobile Network Code (MNC) , SIM Card Call State
This application provide you following information about your Device:
Phone Type ,ICC card is present ,Device IMEI Number ,Device Brand , Device Model , Device Fingerprint ,Device Manufactures , Product , Device , Device Hardware , Device Build Type , Device Build ID , Device Build Host , Build User , Device Build Radio , Device Build Time , Device Build Board , Build Unknown , Build TAGS , Device Build Serial , Device Bootloader , Device Android ID , Device SDK Version , Device Version Code Name , Device Version Release , Version Incremental , Version SDK INT , Device CPU ABI , Device CPU ABI2 , Display, Device MAC Address, WiFi Status, WiFi IP, WiFi SSID, WiFi BSSID, WiFi Speed, WiFi Rssl, Device Battery Status, Battery Status, Battery Plug-in status, Battery Technology, Battery Level, Transmit All Network Data Traffic, Received All Network Data Traffic, Transmit Mobile Network Data Traffic, Received Mobile Network Data Traffic,Device Bluetooth Status, Device Bluetooth Name, Device Bluetooth Address,GPS Status Check, Totel Memory, Free Memory, Max Memory
This application check for following information on your Device:
Front Camera, Back Camera, Support Flash, Bluetooth Adapter, WiFi Adapter, Support NFC, Microphone, Accelerometer Sensor, Magnetometer Sensor, Barometer Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Device Support GPS,External Storage Status Check, Device Registered Email, Screen Logical Density Display, Screen Expressed Density, Screen Display in Pixels
SIM Info, SIM information, SIM card information, SIM Detail, Device Detail, Device information, What is my IMEI, What is my MAC, What is my MAX WiFi Speed, Sensor Test or anything your are looking for is in this app...
Some people complain saying they can not see their number. Notice that SIM cards operators don't allow to display this information.
Also, dual phones are not supported on android. The manufacture adds this capability to it, so it is not possible to an app to get this information: only the manufacture of your cell phone has this capacity. It is not a problem with the application.... but we are still working to get that ....
"SIM-INFO" is a simple app does does no harm to your device, but the author disclaims all responsibility for any harm done or loss incurred anyway.


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