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Super Fast Charger Du Battery Dr. (Battery Saver)

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9Apps is the free store of application, 20,000+ users downloaded Super Fast Charger Du Battery Dr. (Battery Saver) latest version on 9Apps for free every week! More functions were added in this app. This hot app was released on 2017-07-24. You can also find some other similar apps here.
Fast Charger
Is a utility application for your android phone and tablets of all brands. It works in many ways to ensure the life and battery cycles of phone battery. Specially designed to enhance the life of non-removable battery phones as well as removable batteries. Along with all the healthy features, it allows to reduce battery temperature and works as anti phone heat agent by quoting extra background services and applications while charging so that the phone won’t heat up and don’t consume extra juice amperes from battery.
some of the features are as under.
• Battery Charger Fast
Works in code of android operating system APIs to enhance charging time. Time matters for everyone, specially men’s timing are most critical while they move and travel and work this battery charger fast and complete charging solution helps charge on the move, in the bus or train or in waiting areas or using solar battery charger fast.
The fast charger is the top level fast battery charger and battery saver 2017.
• Charger Booster
It works as a constant stopping utility application service to boost charging process, saves lot of energy and time by boosting the charging process. This charger booster fast pro application works with all phone and tablets to boost charging. Battery boosters and fast charger modules work in parallel to boost performance, increase phone speed and speedup battery charging process. 
• Battery Charger
Major feature is battery charger fast. it charges the battery as fast as upto 160% faster of normal charging. The battery charger alarm feature should notify when battery is full so that you can take out the charger to save energy.
• Battery Saver
The application looks over all charging mechanism and keeps a track of battery usage and load, which ultimately results in overall longer battery life, better battery health and performance. While working with external battery charger, battery saver 2017 samsung features of this application makes the battery cool and health for longer life. Battery widget allows realtime status and also helps in battery repair.
Details and descriptions are very simple, Battery Dr. Super Fast Charger works as a Battery Doctor and or Battery Saver to charge your battery in a safer and faster way. Accu and DU  battery standards helped for optimisation and speed enhancement of mobile and tablet. It fasts the charging process upto 160% faster as compared to normal charging and also repair battery life so it also works as battery saver. It rings high when battery 100% alarm is triggered and you can check charge level % in battery widget to check battery percentage to increase life of charger adapter and save energy. HD Battery widget (in next update) will include high quality heart taking graphics in on the Go battery saver. Year’s 360 days battery power widget will check every battery cycle and enhance the health of battery cell. Power battery guage on status screen and widget 2017 shows accurate load and % of battery charging. This is a battery power increasing tool with and indicator for battery free. Battery is charged in as little time as you spend on cigarette smoking. Solar chargers for battery are slow but they are of good advantage, our app works with them too, its phone cooler saver battery feature helps in that case to minimise phone temperature.
Some permissions are needed to stop and pause other apps and background services in order to optimise battery charging and usage processes.


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