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Urdu English Voice Keyboard - Urdu Keyboard

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Urdu Voice Keyboard with all emoji and voice recording is best android application to write English and Urdu messages via typing or by audio voice for Urdu Language fast Urdu Keyboard.
The fastest Voice Recognition technology is used in Urdu Voice Keyboard , which can easy recognize Urdu English All Languages
all words , and Convert Speech to text . Urdu Voice Typing Feature Is Best all Over the world which make it unique in all other products .
Urdu Keyboard for android is enrich with Urdu keys
and Urdu voice recording feature is available in Urdu English keyboard, Fast Urdu English keyboard with Urdu and English both keypads make this keyboard is the most demanding English-Urdu easy typing keyboard to write in both languages with custom emojis. This keyboard is ultra fast and efficient Urdu voice keyboard for android mobiles.
Urdu Keypad Alphabet help Urdu speaking users to send and receive messages in Urdu.Urdu Keypad upgraded with rich Urdu vocabulary as suggestions. Urdu Text typing Keyboard allow users write both from English to Urdu and Urdu to English. Voice feature of Urdu keyboard ,
make this key board unique from other Urdu phonetic keyboards . Urdu voice keyboard is enriched with thousands of vocabulary
words both from English and Urdu dictionary
and provide each word suggestion .Urdu keyboard mark alert if any grammar
or alphabet mistake happens.
Urdu Voice keyboard are very useful keyboard for Urdu native speakers. We have made this keyboard specially for Urdu keyboard typing users. They will love it. It also have English voice typing with Urdu voice typing so not only native Urdu users get benefit from it but rest also. You can change the size of Urdu keyboard with sounds and vibration feature and on and off Urdu and English vocabulary.Every Urdu speaking want
to write in Urdu but it was difficult . Now Urdu Voice keyboard make it easy for every Urdu writer to write whatever he want to write in such a easy way.
So far this keyboard does not support English to Urdu voice typing translation but we are working on it and will soon include in Urdu voice translation keyboard. Some Feature are below
* sending of Emoji in chats with multiple fonts
*More then 45 Urdu keyboard themes
*Beautiful and stylish app and Urdu keyboard themes
*More then 20 fonts both for English language and Urdu language
* Set the size of keyboards
* Change button taping sounds and vibration inside Urdu keyboard
* Compatible to all apps and social networks
*Use this keyboard for Urdu-English searching content
*Urdu to English Voice translation Keyboard will be added soon
*Unable and disable Urdu and English language for keyboard
*Urdu alphabets and English alphabets are auto adjusting on keyboards
*Numbers keyboard available both inside alphabet keyboards and traditional way by tapping number button on Urdu keyboard
*Musical keys you can set up button tapping with music and vibration
How to Use Urdu Voice Keyboard
Download it from google play on all android phones
- First enable the Urdu or English keyboard from language and input menu of android setting or from inside the app button
- Second select keyboard and pop up appears and select Urdu English Voice Keyboard
- Change the default setting to make keyboard best choice by adding music closing vibration feature
- Select your Favourite keyboard theme and adjust the Urdu keyboard size
Now you are ready to use Urdu English Voice Keyboard! Best of Luck and Guide us about bugs and improvements.


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