Walkman Lyrics Extension

Walkman Lyrics Extension

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موسيقى وصوت | 5.1MB | تحديث: 2020-09-09 | الإصدار: 5.8.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4 or later

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Any feedback will lead to the development of the application.
Supporting most music players.
Thanks so much!
This extension lets you see the lyrics of the playing song.
You can see the lyrics from embedded tag or online database.
--- Supporting music player ---
Music (Walkman)
Google Play Music
Apple Music
Amazon Music
Musicolet Music Player
Onkyo HF Player
jetAudio Music Player
Neutron Music Player
Youtube music (Notify only when playing background)
And more
--- Distinctive features ---
Automatic searching
Floating window
Various theme
Transparent background
Change of text font, size and color
Playback controls
Button arrangement
Automatic scrolling (unsynced)
Many other preferences
--- Usage ---
1. Set the music player in the app settings
2. Play songs
3. If you tap the app notification, the lyrics screen will open
There is also a way to open the lyrics screen from the Home button (long press or swipe up)
(In the case of Android 6.0)
OS settings→Apps→Gear Icon(upper right)→Default Apps→Assist & voice input→Assist app
--- Lyrics languages ---
Bahasa Indonesia
--- Translation cooperators ---
Tetsuya, Vasilis, ZikaLush, SarkZKalie
--- Contact ---
About bug reports, requests or translating cooperation
Email: [email protected]
Music Infinite Extension for lyrics
This application allows you to browse legal lyrics websites.
You can use lyrics to the extent permissible by law in your country.

ما هو جديد

Version 5.8.0
- Various bug fixes
Version 5.7.0
- Significant change: Optimized for android 9 (and some relevant specification changes)
- Support Vietnamese language (Thank you, SarkZKalie)
- Other enhancements: Improve search accuracy, various bug fixes

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