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1.2 for Android
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Kimo! is a 2D puzzle platformer game with gorgeous graphics and challenging levels. Take on the role of Kimo, the cute mystical cat made from clay, in his adventure to get out of the ground and reach the sky.
Kimo was born in underground and very curious about the world out there. In his journey, he will meet so many obstacles, spikes, fires, and missiles but he won't stop until he can finally reach the sky.
You will controll this cat (Kimo) to find shining diamond to finish each level. That won't be easy, because there will be so many obstacles like spikes, fires, sliding and moving platform, etc to stop Kimo to reach the sky.
- Beautiful graphics and animations
- Easy to controll: only right, left, and jump buttons
- 40 incredibly fun and challenging levels
- Variety of obstacles types (fire, spike, missile, etc)
- Fun platformer fungtional controller like wall jump and slide on the wall
- 3 Special skills: double jump, shield, and slow motion
Get the bgm, visit link below :
- Chapter 1 . MOMO - Innocent Heart
- Chapter 2 . MOMO - Gate Of Fantasia
- Chapter 3 . MOMO - Connceted
- Chapter 4 . MOMO - Disconnected

تحديث Kimo! 1.2

- added in app purchase
- minor bugs fixes


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    Android 2.3 or later
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    Clay Game Studio
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