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We Help – Community For Needy People

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We Help is a platform built solely for the community to identify people who are deprived of basic needs of life. The main determination of this app is to share photos and necessities of those who need help and those who want to help, can reach to them individually to fulfill their needs. The purpose of this platform is to build community, where people can identify peoples need and can help them using this platform. So, those who want to help poor or needy peoples, can easily find them through this app. This platform is not only for helping people with food or money but it can also be used to help people with the basic needs of life.
Need Help or Help me is an online platform, where user can login with social network or with their register email id. As the user register with this platform, can easily logged into this app where user can upload and view numerous pictures of people along with their details and geographical location. User can filter the post according to the location of user and can also use different search filters. Content uploaded from the user end will be visible to all the community, which are associated with this platform. User can also change and update his/her location and contact details. There will be an open option for all the users to like comment and report the inappropriate post. If someone, found inappropriate post or picture he/she can press the report button, minimum five number of people will report a single post and it will be automatically remove from the we help portal.
We help app is used by the local peoples to help their friends and family members, by posting their details (Pics and Contact Details) along with their needs (Food, Money, Clothes, Shelter & blood). In different countries around the world people who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standard of the nation where their lives are said to be poor. A large number of people in different countries do not have proper place to live, this miserable condition has given birth to a large number of beggars and needy people who live on the charity of the rich people.
In modern or rich countries, these living standards are lower and when combined with the greater number of orphans or poor people the effects are more extreme. By using this needy mobile platform, you can help your friend or neighbor access these benefits, you will help to improve their health, by easing the anxiety that comes with financial stress and helping them get the money they need to buy food.

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