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Men's Health's beginner-friendly fitness and nutrition app offers a variety of training plans and workouts to train your different muscle groups or your entire body.
You can adjust the duration and intensity of the workouts individually. You can also log and track your entire workout. This way you never lose track.
Our exercises are explained by animated videos - the ideal requirement for every beginner. You also want to take your nutrition to the next level? Then there are additional dietary training plans and a varied recipe database for you.
Simple, uncomplicated and for everyone:
• You are the centre of attention: You receive individual training recommendations based on your training goal - no matter if you want to lose weight, have a six-pack or build up muscles.
• You will always find something: No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, our app is suitable for every fitness level and also contains an individual training plan for you.
• You have full access: to more than 500 workouts - with or without training equipment.
• You decide yourself: Where you train or how long - everything is possible. You can choose between training times from under 30 minutes to over an hour.
• You are well informed: All exercises are explained in detail in pictures and videos and lead you through the individual workouts.
• You increase with every workout: The weekly statistics inform you about your success and developments.
• You stay flexible: Create your personal profile and use our app whenever and wherever you want.
Download the Men's Health Personal Trainer now and start your workout today. Try it for free for 30 days and then continue sweating and achieving your training goals for just €9.99/month. We support and motivate you every day.
You have questions? Write to us at Follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram to get new recommendations and information daily. We are always happy to hear about your success stories with our app.
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We fixed some minor bugs.


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