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Keep your privacy by locking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Messages, Chats or any application you want. this AppLock is secure and easy to unlock.
AppLock can lock Apps from prying eyes and nosy friends, to be your privacy guard.
●●● With AppLock, you can:
● Social apps: AppLock can lock TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. No one can keek at your private chat any more.
● System apps: AppLock can lock Phone, Contacts, SMS and so on. No one can open your settings for system apps.
● Android pay apps: AppLock can lock Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and so on. No one can use your wallet to purchase any item.
● Other apps: AppLock can lock any third-party apps, including Gmail, Youtube, games and so on. Completely protect your privacy.
With AppLock, you will not worry about friends borrow your phone to play games with mobile data again, parents check your Snapchat,
workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again, someone reads private data in your apps again, kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again.
●●● Feature:
● Quick lock switch: Lock/unlock.
● Alarm:if entered several times incorrectly password, play sounds alarm.
● Quick All Application switch: Lock/unlock.
● Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders. who enters the wrong lockscreen.
● Pattern Lock (draw lock) (touch lock): simple and fresh interface, unlock faster.
● pattern 2*2 to pattern 30*30.
● PIN lock (numeric lock)(keypad lock).
● Fingerprint unlock is supported.
● Customize: change type password, change button, change color, change wallpaper.
● Full protection for your phone.
● Lock your app accurately and smartly.
● Kinds of beautiful lock types.
● Lock app very effective.
● Lock app high security.
● Easy to use and fast.
● Lower capacity, less memory.
●●● Guidance & Note:
● More security: It is better to lock phone settings App and recent tasks App.
● Device administrator: To prevent other people from unlocking and interruption the app, turn the app into an "Device administrator" so that they can not easily unlock and interruption the app. To do this, select the "Device administrator" option in the program menu and continue the steps according to the displayed dialog guide.
● Inactive Device Administrator: Delete or delete this program completely: To do this, if you have activated the administrator section, you must first deactivate the administrator so that you can delete the application from your phone. To deactivate the administrator, go to the application menu and delete the administrator option. Select and perform the deletion steps.
● Fingerprint: You can use your phone's fingerprint for ease of unlocking. This feature is enabled by default in this App. You can enable or disable it in the this App menu.
● Fingerprint Privacy Policy: This program uses this sensor only to unlock and make it easy to work with the lock, and does not use any other use.
● Allow or deny access to the camera: Camera access is for taking selfies of Intruder, if you do not need this feature of the program and do not want to be active, you can disable this access from your phone's settings.
● Permanent and guaranteed performance: Our team has made every effort to make the app work perfectly, it may not work completely and correctly on some phones. Please report these to support email and chat for Reporting Go to the application menu and select Send Email.
● Our team will do its best to offer you the best programs in the market, dear users.
●● Please rate and comment the App.
●● Thanks

تحديث AppLock - Fingerprint 62.1.69

Changes in version 62.1.69
Increase locking speed
Design suggested by dear users
Fixed minor errors
Note: Some quality images have replaced substandard images in older versions.


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