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Dr. Booster smartly frees up memory space (RAM) to boost your phone, speed up Android game apps, and detect malware, so your favorite games—as well as over 70,000 other apps—run faster and smoother!
★ Downloaded more than 10 million times globally ★
★ The no. 1 most downloaded pure game booster worldwide ★
★ Ranked among Google Play’s 2016 Top 10 Free Tool Apps in for 8 consecutive weeks in Japan! ★
★ Highly rated at 4.4 stars by 100,000 users ★
Key features: (2 NEW features)
★ NEW Direct Boost:
launch your favorite game apps and powerfully boosts their speed performance with a touch of our floating boost button. It doesn’t get any faster than this! [supported by Android 5.0 and above only)
★ NEW Store on SD Card:
not enough storage space on your mobile? No problem, move Dr. Booster onto your SD card memory to save space!
★ Smart Booster:
boosting speed performance in real-time and smartly frees up memory space while you play.
★ Antivirus Scan for New Apps:
automatically adds your newly downloaded apps to Dr. Booster and scans for malware!
★ Flexible Organization:
customize and arrange your game apps however you want by pressing and dragging app icons, easy!
Suitable For:
• Mobile phones that lag when you’re playing games
3 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Download Dr. Booster.
Step 2: Games and apps are automatically loaded inside, customize your organization.
Step 3: Open up your game and press our floating boost button to experience a turbo-speed boost!
Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed supports 10 languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional), Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese.
[Terms and Condition] Activating Dr. Booster means you understand and accept the terms of service for this application. Read them here http://soocii.net/privacy policy/
[Android 5.1.1] For Android 5.1.1 users, permission is needed for Dr. Booster to boost your devices.


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    Android 4.1 or later
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    Soocii Co., Ltd
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  • Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed
    Dr. Booster 2.0.1076
  • Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed
    Dr. Booster 2.0.1067
  • Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed
    Dr. Booster 2.0.1066
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