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Car Parking and Driving Simulator

4.2 for Android
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Enjoy realistic driving in Car Parking and Driving Simulator. Modify your car with lots of customization options.
Park the car before it hits the obstacles. Complete all levels. Modify your car the way you want and play any mode between Parking, Checkpoint, Career, Drift, Stunt, Lap Time, Midnight, Race Track, Breaking, Ramps, Winter, Airport, Off-road or City.
- Garage : Customize the cars wheels, colors, spoilers, window colors, plate, stickers, exhaust, camber, hood, covering, neon, driver, antena, headlight, roof, roll cage, bumper, plate, horn sound and suspensions.
- Free Mode : Feel free to make a trip in a huge city and enjoy the ride. You can forget about the traffic rules and do a perfect burnout with your car.
- Career Mode : You need to obey all traffic rules, you should wait at traffic lights, dont make lane violation and dont crash. Take the car to the desired point.
- Parking Mode : Park the car to the desired point in given time, dont hit obstacles.
- Checkpoint Mode : Collect all checkpoints in given time, be fast and forget the traffic rules.
- Drift Mode : Large area where you can make a drift score.
- Ramps : It's a fun mode where you can climb and jump on huge ramps.
- Race Track : You can push the limits of vehicle and driving here.
- Midnight : Turn on your headlights and enjoy the night driving.
- Lap Time : Complete your lap on the race track in time.
- Stunt : Show your driving skills on the dangerous road.
- City : Huge size map with long and wide paths.
- Airport : Fun and great map.
- Breaking Mode : Require attention and driving skills.
- Winter : You can test your driving skills on snowy roads.
- Off-road : It has never been more enjoyable to travel in difficult conditions in nature.
Game features:
- Radio listening option
- Unlimited customization
- Driver options
- Horn, signal, headlight options
- ABS ESP TCS driving assistants
- Manual gear options
- Different huge maps
- Realistic traffic and traffic rules
- Parking, Career, Checkpoint, Drift, Stunt, Lap Time, Breaking tasks
- Increasingly challenging tasks
- You can wander as you wish in free mode
- Realistic graphics and sounds
- Sensor, arrow, left or right of the steering wheel with four different control settings
- Different camera types
- Realistic car physics and simulation
- Language option added (EN/TR)
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    Android 4.4 or later
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    OB Games
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  • Car Parking and Driving Simulator
    Car Parking and Driving Simulator 4.1
  • Car Parking and Driving Simulator
    Modifiyeli Sahin Park Etme ve Drift 4.0
  • Car Parking and Driving Simulator
    Modifiyeli Sahin Park Etme ve Drift 3.9
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