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Download “Guess Pop Lyrics Music Quiz” and some of the most popular “pop songs” will be constantly at your disposal! This “music trivia quiz” is an excellent opportunity to check your knowledge about “pop music” and learn some new songs that belong to this popular “music genre”! Spin the wheel of music, listen to the “best music” ever made and answer all the “lyrics trivia questions” in this “free music quiz”! Popular “music trivia game" will put your music knowledge of lyrics to the test! Get this “free music lyrics app" and check out how good you are at recognizing “popular lyrics”!
Available in 2 different game plays:
*** Endless – the player will answer questions until they give 3 wrong answers. If you're good enough, you can go on playing this mode for hours even!
*** Time Mode – the game is time-limited. Each correct answer will give additional time to the player to keep them in the game, and each wrong answer will deduce some amount of time. So, careful with your answers!
No matter which game play you choose, you will have multiple choice questions – the classic multiple choice-based trivia with several answers given where one gives you the correct answer and enables you to move on further through the game.
Are you ready for the funniest "trivia quiz"? Let's test your knowledge of pop with Guess Pop Lyrics Music Quiz! Test your music IQ of the pop lyrics! Learn about this popular topic in an interesting and fun way! Download this fun “trivia game” and spend some hours of fun with your tablets and smartphones playing the “music quiz” that broadens your imagination and fills your brain with “music knowledge”! “Lyrics trivia quizzes” are good for teenagers, adults and even seniors! This “free brain – teaser” will keep you entertained for a long time with some easy “quiz questions” as you progress to those more difficult ones! Challenge yourself and all your friends who like music!
This “free fun educational brain - teasing game for kids” is not only a time killer “music app” but also a real source of general music knowledge concerning the famous pop musicians, bands, lyrics. Download Guess Pop Lyrics Music Quiz and start your quiz quest even today and enjoy having fun with your friends and family! This app will keep you entertained for a long time with some easy questions as you progress to those more difficult ones! You can learn new things while waiting for a bus or coming back home from work or school! Install this “lyrics quiz” for free on your smartphone or tablet and answer all these “quick quiz questions”! This “free music quiz trivia game” will definitely make your day! Sit back, relax and quiz up even today!

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