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Secret IGI Agent Mission & War

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Want to be an agent of a secret squad? And have you enough courage to dare all the gangsters and rescue your colleague from criminals’ hostage? Secret IGI Agent Mission & War game is all about this. As a brave soldier you have to sneak into enemies’ place where they have kept another spy member. During this mission you will face multiple challenges. Many spy mission & Challenges Against War & teror
are installed in the building which you have to break first so that you can get into the building. Then you have to hack gangsters’ computer to get information about their secret criminal activities. This action packed game is available for smart phone users for free.
You have done all these tasks during your Battlefield
army War & terror . But, now is the time when you have to fight with actual targets and prove yourself a brave soldier. You have to fight with them in hand in hand warfare. As a player you have to behave like a stealth gang member. Different challenging missions are given to this squad and your duty is to rescue your partner safely.
In this peace keeping task, you have to eliminate and kill all the mobs and gangsters from the city. You have to be very careful while doing this thrill. Many guards are hovering around and you have to kill them all without making any noise.
So, what you are waiting for? Download this Secret IGI Agent Mission & War and start enjoying.
Key Features :
• Realistic hostage building with 3D graphics
• Secret IGI Agent Mission & War missions
• Real spy escape missions
• FPS and 3rd person controls
• Break lights and keep minimum visibility to escape spy cameras
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  • Secret IGI Agent Mission & War
    Secret IGI Agent Mission & War 1.0
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