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You enjoy playing quiz games and you are particularly interested in Germany, thinking you know everything about it? Well, buckle up, time to test your knowledge of Germany with ultimate German Trivia Quiz! Prepare your wits and nimble fingers, think fast and answer correctly as many questions as you can. This cool quiz game might just turn out to be the impossible game or the hardest game in the world! Prove that for you it is a piece of cake! Have fun and learn something new about your favorite country! Download German Trivia Quiz for free and enjoy fun and challenging trivia questions!
✔✘ 5 levels of difficulty in the endless German trivia questions and answers
✔✘ choose one of the offered answers and do it fast, the clock is ticking
✔✘ give the answer quickly and win extra points for being fast
✔✘ be careful not to make three errors in a row or else you'll have to start over
✔✘ try to collect as many coins as you can, and you can buy an extra try when you make three mistakes
✔✘ log in with Facebook and win free coins, check the leaderboard and beat the high score
Don't you love Germany, the land of salty pretzels and cold beer, tasty sausages, amazing variety of bread and cheese, the land where fairy tales of Brothers Grimm come to life on the bank of Rhine? Germany is one of the most attractive European countries with its ravishingly beautiful forests, such as the Black Forest, thousands of gorgeous castles and amazing landmarks.
“German Trivia Quiz” offers an adventure through the German “fun facts trivia”, “German food trivia”, questions about history, geography, culture, entertainment, this quizlet has it all! Test your knowledge about German cities Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Leipzig, Cologne and many others. See if you can recognize them by pictures of landmarks alone. Can you recognize Berlin TV tower, Alexanderplatz, Alte Pinakothek, Frauenkirche and Holstentor? What do you know about Oktoberfest, and what other German festivals have you heard of? What are dirndl and lederhosen? How about Fasching? What is Bavaria most famous for? Do you know all the splendid palaces that Ludwig of Bavaria has built? Which castle is your favorite, Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg, Lichtenstein, Sanssouci or Linderhof? Do you know who or what is Lorelei? How many types of beer are there in Germany? When are you supposed to eat the weisswurst? What do you know about Berlin Wall? How well do you know the greatest figures of German history: Goethe, Gutenberg, Marx, Freud, Engels, Farenheit? How about Brothers Grimm, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and many others? Who was known as the iron chancellor? Who is the red baron? Who invented gummy bears and what are the things you ought to know about German autobahn? What do you know about the origin of Mercedes, BMW and Audi?
Germany has one of the richest cultural heritages, this quiz will not only test your “general knowledge” about it, but it will also teach you something new. “General knowledge questions” and fun “trivia questions” will entertain and educate you at the same time. This amazing impossible quiz is at the same time a “knowledge quiz”, with questions and answers you'd need to think about before you decide on the answer, and a “picture quiz” that will challenge your recognition of landmarks, monuments and landscape of this beautiful European country. Answer all the “trivia question” and become the ultimate connoisseur of Deutschland!
German Trivia Quiz is a game suitable for adults and older kids. It can be an excellent learning game for kids with lost of interesting facts, or a great brain trainer for every quiz wiz out there! The best “brain games” are entertaining and educational at the same time. Don't miss the opportunity to get a free download like this. If you like brain teasers, answering multiple choice questions and riddles, you will love German Trivia Quiz! Download it for free now, quizup and conquer the top of the leaderboard!


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