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Trivia Machine

1.6 for Android
3.0 | 5,000+ عمليات التثبيت

Paul Kindschi

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Welcome to Trivia Machine.
This game has a database of over 25,000 questions and answers. The game posts questions at the top of the screen and letter boxes with the answer scrambled.
The object is to unscramble the letters to form the correct answer. This is done by dragging and dropping the letters until you have the correct order and a bell rings indicating that you have solved the question.
Using your trivia knowledge and puzzle solving skills, you can become a trivia master.
If you enjoy word puzzles, trivia games, and general vocabulary quizzes, then you will definitely benefit from Trivia Machine.
Building your vocabulary and challenging your knowledge is good way to stimulate your intelligence and become better at other games as well.
If you find this game beneficial and fun, then I would invite you to rate and review Trivia Machine.
The more ratings and review the better.
This will help others to decide it they want to install Trivia Machine on their tablets.
One feature of Trivia Machine is the HINT button.
When you press the HINT button the game algorithm chooses a random letter and puts it in place for you as a help in solving the puzzle.
If you continually press the HINT button the algorithm will keep placing letters until the entire word is solved. So at any point you may see the answer and drag and drop the remaining letters until the puzzle is solved.
The NEXT button simply advances the game to the next puzzle.
If a particular puzzle is too difficult, then you can just press the NEXT button and go to the next question.
Trivia Machine also has a scoring mechanism that allows you to keep track of your progress.
Every time you solve a word, you are awarded one point.
However, pressing the hint button for more than half the letters counts as a wrong answer. Your score is displayed on the bottom of the screen.
Your average percentage is your correct answers divided by the total number of questions asked.
Trivia Machine also has a unique feature that facilitates learning.
Questions are repeated occasionally to help you remember them for future use.
This is a carefully chosen algorithm that will help you learn new vocabulary and increase your puzzle solving skills.
This algorithm triggers when the HINT button is used.
If you use the HINT button for more that half the letters, then the game has a memory and will give you that same question again at a later point in the game.
This mechanism reinforces your memory and helps to learn new words and trivia facts by repetition.
So, now you know how the game works.
I hope you learn a lot and enjoy.
Thanks for playing Trivia Machine.


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