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Call Of Cleopatra

1.1 for Android
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New flagship product for global strategy mobile games ,One of the most Exciting SLG stragtegy game of 2017-2018 ."Call Of Cleopatra" is a deep SLG turn-based warfare flag game. Very challenging for game player 's skill ,intelligence and strategy .
The technical and strategic requirements, strategy skills diversification can be forced, dizziness, treatment, crawling, combat range, stealth, clear skills and so on.
Call of Cleopatra , The Charming woman Cleopatra ,The most attractive queen of ancient Egypt's ptolemaic dynasty .The last pharaoh of Egypt ,A women with collection of wisdom beauty and authority .She miraculously revived in AD 2017, She has an unusual beauty, The most beautiful woman of the world in man's eyes and heart .The superior bloodlines, Shining with brightness .Any darkness cannot stop her light,With her soft voice and sentimentality.She made the enemy feel noble and terrifying ,In order to achieve her ambition ,Unify the world and enable humans to enter interstellar civilization era ,Cleopatra summon heroes around the world to join a new battle, All the heros of the world ,Falling on her feet want to be her man Or becoming to her next Caesar or Anthony .But As you know ,In the war ,It is not enough if only have the courage and strength, But also needs the strategy and wisdom, Heroes you are here at the right time ,Join us now .Let's fight for Cleopatra and fight for love!
Kill the enemy hero can earn money, with the store items, increase the depth of strategy, different heroes with different skills, and walk to support a variety of play. The game can be played in the late 10 heroes, is to allow players to experience the excitement of the army led the battle.The strongest game strategy hand tour, No brain burning ,Game all refund!

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    Android 4.2 or later
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    AlaeVision Limited
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