Basic Computer Course

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When it comes to learning today's technology, our Computer Basics course app has all of the basic concepts covered.
***The Categories***
- Getting started
- Turning on a computer
- The keyboard and mouse
- Using a computer
- Computer's built-in-help
- Features of a help file
- Undo your mistakes
- Downloading and uploading
- Getting free software
- How to set up a Wifi network
- How to update your software
- Customizing your desktop background
- Removing virus from your computer
- How to set up a new printer
- How to power cycle a device
- Stop apps from running on startup
- Keep and old PC running smoothly
- Installing software on Windows
- Installing software on Mac
- Uninstalling software from Windows
- Uninstalling software from Mac

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বর্তমান ভার্সন: 1.0

Android প্রয়োজন: Android 2.3.3 or later


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