Hunter Assassin - Assassin and Diamond

9Apps | May 7, 2020

Hunter assassin is an assassin assassination theme action puzzle game. You will play an assassin in the game, kill the patrols in each level without being found, and finally become the most powerful assassin.

Hunter Assassin screenshot 1

Game features

Hunter assassin is an assassin assassination theme action puzzle game. The user plays an assassin in the game, kills the patrols in each level without being found, and finally becomes the most powerful assassin.

The story of Hunter assassin takes place in a virtual world. No matter the scene of the game or the shape of the enemy, it has a strong color of World War II. The realistic physical engine, high degree of freedom and brand-new game mode all have a strong attraction to the users. The players can even start a confrontation with the enemy completely relying on real skills like cowboys.

Hunter Assassin screenshot 2

Game play

Hunter Assassin's play method integrates two elements: action and mystery solving. Users need to control assassins to quietly go behind the enemy and kill the enemy. In the game, every enemy's sight is displayed. The user controlled assassin needs to avoid the enemy's sight, circle around the enemy's back, give the enemy a fatal blow, and also avoid the crisis of other enemies patrolling because of the noise. Although the method of play adopts the type of action, the element of solving riddles is full of it at any time.

Hunter Assassin screenshot 3

Game screen

The game picture of Hunter assassin is presented by the top view angle, and the materials of various obstacles in the game are also classic. In order to reduce the difficulty of the game, it also provides the assassin's forward guide line to help users avoid danger. Of course, the simple and simple picture does not reduce the experience brought by the game at all. On the contrary, compared with some domestic games with simple pictures and simple materials, this work has been extremely exquisite in the description of details.

Hunter Assassin screenshot 4

Game evaluation

From the actual experience effect, Hunter Assassin can be regarded as a simplified version of the classic game commandos. Their tasks are to carry out some negative tasks such as assassination, and their operation styles are very delicate and secret. The biggest difference between the two is that the latter has a huge story background and a variety of personnel collocation, and each warfighter has a more comprehensive means and a richer playing method The former is simpler, more grounded and easier to entertain without much influence.


If you are a war game enthusiast, if you are a puzzle game enthusiast, if you also love action games, please do not easily miss this "Hunter Assassin".