Instagram New Feature: Join In Your Friend'S Live Stories

xavier | Nov 27, 2017

Instagram continues to improve their live videos and now offers the option to join videos being streamed by your contacts.

Instagram stories are becoming one of the most important aspects of the app, in some cases being even more relevant than the traditional posts. But the live stories on Instagram aren't too far behind and the app's developers are trying to make them even more relevant. For this, they're making it even easier to create live videos with friends. This leads us to the latest feature: now you can request to be added to your contacts' live videos. 

If one of the latest features of Instagram Live was the possibility to invite viewers to participate in your live videos, now they've put an emphasis on the idea that viewers can request to join these live posts. A logical step that makes the whole live Instagram experience that much more interactive.

If one of your contacts is taking a live video, asking to join in is as easy as tapping the “request” button found in the comment area at the bottom of the screen. After this, you can tap the “send request” button that appears in a popup to make sure that you didn't accidentally tap the screen. All that's left to do is wait for the live poster to accept or not. If they agree, you can talk with them, dividing the screen into two sections.


This new feature is going to give Instagram live stories a pretty big push. The ease of use for both sides is key to keeping the popularity of this feature climbing. Plus, it's super easy to leave the live video whenever you want, or will happen when the original poster stops the live feed. Don't forget that you can also share these live streams via your Instagram Stories easily.