Comparison Of Google Play, 9Apps and Default App Store

9Apps | Dec 3, 2019

How do you choose your APP Store?

Phone storage is limited, choosing a right app is necessary! Default App Store, Google play, 9Apps ... How do you choose your APP Store?

After this comparison, you will know what to choose!


Comparison Of Google Play, 9Apps and Default App Store


9Apps(6.6MB) < Google Play(19.95MB) < Default app store(24.8MB)


Number of Applications

Google Play > 9Apps > Default app store



Google Play > 9Apps = Default app store


Version Update

Google Play = 9Apps > Default app store


Free & Cost

9Apps (Free) > Default app store (Free + cost) > Google Play (Free + cost) 


Download Speed

9Apps > Google Play > Default app store


Google Play - Massive Applications

If your phone has a lot of storage (don't care about the size of the app store), and you are the person who pursues a mass of applications and the highest safety factor, and also you don't care about spending time to register an account and to pay for apps or games, then Google Play may be your best choice!

9Apps - Fast Download

If you don't have that much budget to buy apps and games, then 9Apps will be your best choice. 9Apps will save you a lot of money while provide super fast downloads and more space by cleaning up your phone trash. 9Apps' unique Resuming Download Technology will save you from downloading apps again when encountering a network failure.


Default App Store - Convenience

If you are looking for convenience and don’t have too many requirements for apps and games, then the Default app store is enough to meet your needs! Maybe the app versions in the default app store are very old, but it does not require you to download other app stores from the Internet.


About Security

As for security, there's no guarantee that GP won't steal information from their users, and there's no evidence that other APP stores have stolen from users..


The Best For You Is The Best

So, how to choose an app store? Just choose the one that suits you!

The most important thing is that when you use your mobile phone, the app store you choose can meet your needs as much as possible!

If not, you can make suggestions to the operators of the app store and let them develop the features you want.

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