Tinder Lite - Meet your partner!

9Apps | Apr 28, 2020

If you want to meet new people and expand social networks, then you need a reliable social software.

Tinder Lite will help you escape from loneliness and anxiety. Download this "world's hottest dating app" at 9Apps and find your partner.


Why use Tinder Lite

Compared to Tinder. It has a smaller capacity, and your phone can install it effortlessly.
Here, you can see friends who share your interests and view their profiles. If you like what you see, swipe right so you can chat with friends who match you.

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What to do on Tinder Lite:

Match, chat, and date. When you meet someone who is close to each other, you can use the "slide to the right" function to like someone and use the "slide to the left" function to pass someone. If someone likes you, it is a match! Only two people can pair if they like each other. No stress. No rejection. Just tap the profile you are interested in, chat online with your match, then leave your phone, meet in the real world and do something new.

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