AppLock - The Best Tool for Protecting Privacy

9Apps | Jun 9, 2020

Are there any apps on your phone that you don’t want to be viewed by others? 9apps recommends apps that protect the privacy of mobile apps.



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Powerful lock function

AppLock's UI is not outstanding. Instead, the well-defined black tone gives a sense of down-to-earth. He provides a variety of locking methods: numeric passwords, patterns, character passwords, and gestures. The most intimate point is that if you use gestures to unlock, he will let you adjust the sensitivity yourself. You can use it after setting the password or graphics for the first time. The software will list all the programs to be installed. Click on the software you want to lock. After exiting, the application cannot be opened without entering the correct password. When your phone is borrowed to play, you don’t have to worry about others looking at your chat history, private albums, or even parents-controlled software.

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Really protect privacy

The interface of this software is very clean, there are no ads even clean. As long as it is set, it will faithfully protect your various applications, whether it is an ordinary program or a system application, even if you use other software to clean up the background, it will not disappear. The most unfavorable thing is, in order to completely protect your privacy, even if someone else uninstalls the application lock itself when the protection is turned on, don’t want to enter the application you opened the protection, because the protected applications will not open. Too. However, this mode of perseverance and lethality is not known to be pros and cons. Personally, I think it would be better if it could prevent the application itself from being uninstalled.