KineMaster - Professional Mobile Video Editor

9Apps | Apr 23, 2020

This is no longer an era in which praises can be obtained by retouching pictures. The popularity of live broadcasts and short videos has plunged the whole people into a visual spree. Making interesting, fun, and beautiful videos can prove that you are an interesting person, and can also bring attention and even income.


Make amazing videos with KineMaster.


Multi-layer editing, easy to hold all actions

As a professional-level video editing application, KineMaster supports editing of up to two video layers and 4 audio tracks. You can also add pictures and text arbitrarily, or even hand-painted by hand.


It can accurately locate the frame, and precise editing and adjustment is not a problem. You can also adjust the speed of the clip, and the movie-like effects of slow motion and fast forward can also be achieved.


You can also record video and sound yourself, shooting, dubbing, post-production, subtitles, in one step. Real-time preview, without rendering, is equal to saving lives.


Powerful background switching and filters

KineMaster also has its own secret weapon in visual presentation, which is the chroma key. Just like the green screen of special effects made by filming, KineMaster supports the composition of the monochrome background. You can shoot the video on the monochrome background, and then find another video layer to superimpose, you can switch the background of the video. -Traveling around the world in a circle of friends for a second is not a dream.


In addition, there are a variety of filters carefully debugged by the designer in the application to add a richer style expression to your video.


One-click voice change, play audio

KineMaster's audio processing capabilities are also outstanding, it supports the volume change of a piece of audio at different points in time, split and segment editing. The built-in automatic filter provides you with many sound-changing materials, allowing you to change the sound with one click. A person can play multiple people in a video, or a person can play a video with different characters, which is very playable.


In general, KineMaster is a very powerful and easy-to-use video editing application. If you have long wanted to try playing video and even want to become a celebrity, then this is indeed a convenient tool.