6 Easy tips make your TIKTOK video more popular

9Apps | Dec 6, 2019

How to make a popular video on Tiktok? Reading points and you will get the key!

In recent years, the most popular self-media has been short videos. Both small and large businesses and major Internet media have attached great importance to this. They have launched their own short video platforms, such as Tiktok and Vmate. Advertising media has suddenly entered the video age from the graphic age. As the current mainstream, everyone wants to promote themselves through short videos and gain fans. This is true for individuals, and even more so for businesses. However, not all short videos can be popular. This requires the selection of good themes to make short videos. Moreover, short videos are expressed through video carriers, so in addition to good subjects, the ability to shoot is also very important. Even if there is a good theme, but not shot well, it can not achieve the desired effect.

Therefore, when making short videos, shooting is very important for us. How do we shoot to focus? How can I make a video that attracts users? Next we will learn the skills and skills in short video shooting.

First, composition is the key

In painting, photography and graphic design, the most particular thing is composition. The creator should express the subject matter and theme according to requirements, and combine the two. In order to form a coordinated and complete picture, the image to be expressed must be properly organized.

For the production of short videos, we must pay attention to combining with the traditional art above, and pay attention to composition. During the shooting process, we should prevent the picture from being chaotic. If the subject of the shooting is not prominent enough, we can express the main body of the work through composition.


Second, anti-shake is essential

Some people will find that the finished product shakes a lot after shooting the video, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. This is because when shooting with a handheld device, the device cannot maintain stability during exercise. If this problem cannot be solved, even if the picture is taken beautifully, the picture shake will affect the user's visual sense, making people not want to continue watching, and the experience is very poor. So how do we prevent the problem of picture shake? There are two things to keep in mind:

1. Using anti-shake equipment

At present, the common anti-shake equipment on the market includes tripods, monopods, and anti-shake stabilizers. These equipments are easy to buy online, we can equip one or two according to the equipment in hand. There are also good and bad anti-shake equipment. If it is not professional enough, and the video quality is not very high, then the ordinary model is enough.

2. Pay attention to movement and posture when shooting

Pay attention to movements and postures when shooting to avoid drastic adjustments in movements. For example, when shooting video on the move, our upper body should have as little movement as possible, and the lower body should move slowly and in small steps. When walking, keep the upper body stable and move only the lower body. When the lens needs to be rotated, the above body is the axis of rotation, and try to keep the hands joint Do not move to shoot.


Third, know how to run mirrors

Mirror movement is also a motion lens. As the name implies, it is used to shoot dynamic scenes through sports photography. By using the stabilizer to flexibly move the lens, you can not only achieve a smooth and smooth effect, but also inject atmosphere and emotion into the movie, and make the lens full of vitality. Mirror movement is very important. It is like building the foundation of a house.

When shooting, you must pay attention to the changes in the picture. Don't put a focal length for a long time, and you can't take a pose in the whole process. We need to use some shooting methods such as push, pull, and lens to shake the lens horizontally to change the picture. Feeling full. For example, when people are shooting at fixed points, we must pay attention to pushing the lens to perform panoramic, mid-range, close-up, and close-up to achieve the change of the entire screen, otherwise our screen will look boring.


Fourth, pay attention to the use of light

As we all know, no matter whether you are taking a video or a photo, the use of light can improve the effect of the photos or videos we take. In the process of shooting, we must use forward light, backlight, side backlight, scattered light, etc. to highlight the objects and people. At the same time, we must ensure the clarity of the video. We can use lighting appropriately to make up the light of the picture in a proper range.


Five, post production to add points

After shooting the short video, you also need to perform post-production editing, such as transition of the screen, adding subtitles, background music, dubbing, special effects, and so on. Make sure that your shooting theme is clear, so as to make the script. In the editing process, you can add transition effects, montage effects, multi-screen, picture-in-picture effects, and picture color toning, but you should pay attention to not overly special effects, reasonable special effects are cool, but too much will make people feel dazzled.


Six, the length should be appropriate

Short videos, literally, means that in terms of time, the length of the video should be controlled within 60 seconds. Now most videos on short video platforms are generally between 20 and 60 seconds. For most of our users, patience begins to decline after 30 seconds from the start of the video. Unless the content of the video is very attractive, it will continue to be watched. Best control within 60 seconds.

The above are some of our explanations on the shooting and skills of short videos. I hope that these methods will help everyone when shooting short videos, can improve their awareness and give better creative inspiration.