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GREEKMUSEUMS is an Augmented Reality application that uses Layar technology.
The app needs the Layar Reality browser in order to work, so at first it will check your device for the Layar browser and if the browser is allready installed, the app will open it directly with the GREEKMUSEUMS Layer.
If the Layar browser is not installed, the app will try to install it for you.
GREEKMUSEUMS, as an augmented reality app, lets you search more than 400 museums throughout the whole Greek territory.
The application displays all available museums in relation to your current position, providing information such as exact location of the museum, the distance in meters from your current location, opening hours, address, email, contact numbers, the website of each museum (if available) and a map with directions.
The app provides filters in order to limit the search, such as the Search range which can be between 100m and 50km from your current location and the Museum categories from which you can choose to display museums by topic such as archaeological, historical, visual arts, etc.
There are three types of views for displaying the museums, the Camera view (AR) which is the default, the Map View and the List View.
GREEK MUSEUMS as an Augmented Reality app, displays information ONLY when you are in Greece.
Enjoy your stay in Greece!

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Version 1.1: Minor bugs fixed



Huidige versie: 1.1

Android vereist: Android 2.2 or later


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