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MusicIQ - Quiz and Radio Game

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Find your favorites radio stations and songs while testing your musical IQ!
Non-stop songs from radio shoot out your speakers fast and furiously as the timer countdowns the seconds to guess the artist or song. Get it right and your music IQ goes up, but guess wrong and your IQ is smacked down.
Players choose from a huge list of genres that match their musical taste. Successfully completing each song in a list in 5 seconds or less and a bachelors degree will be awarded. Do it twice to get a Masters. Compare your IQ with other players at
During game play, it's easy to mark your favorite songs and stations to create the ultimate playlists of music past and present that you love and many songs you've probably forgotten. MusicIQ includes a swipe driven radio player that scans 100,000 radio stations looking for the perfect song to match your taste. When you're not taking the quiz you can rock out with your faves from your ideal radio station.
MusicIQ includes over 90 FREE individual music tests including:
Alternative Hits
Christian Hits
Classic Rock
Dance Hits
70s Dance
80s Dance
90s Dance
2000s Dance
Hip Hop Hits
2000s Hip Hop
Metal Hits
70s Metal
80s Metal
90s Metal
2000s Metal
Rock Hits
70s Rock
80s Rock
90s Rock
2000s Rock
Disco Hits
Punk Hits
Love Songs
1960 Hits
1961 Hits
1962 Hits
1963 Hits
1964 Hits
1965 Hits
1966 Hits
1967 Hits
1968 Hits
1969 Hits
1970 Hits
1971 Hits
1972 Hits
1973 Hits
1974 Hits
1975 Hits
1976 Hits
1977 Hits
1978 Hits
1979 Hits
1980 Hits
1981 Hits
1982 Hits
1983 Hits
1984 Hits
1985 Hits
1986 Hits
1987 Hits
1988 Hits
1989 Hits
1990 Hits
1991 Hits
1992 Hits
1993 Hits
1994 Hits
1995 Hits
1996 Hits
1997 Hits
1998 Hits
1999 Hits
2000 Hits
2001 Hits
2002 Hits
2003 Hits
2004 Hits
2005 Hits
2006 Hits
2007 Hits
2008 Hits
2009 Hits
2010 Hits
2011 Hits
2012 Hits
2013 Hits
2014 Hits
2015 Hits
2016 Hits
2017 Hits

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