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  • #1.Chess for Android - Below average because there is only 1 difficulty setting. It's like the computer never makes a wrong move. No tutor. Rather buy Shredder Chess.
  • #2.Chess for Android - This game is very good to play and it dosent takes much place as i was thinking it was just download is 1 minute great game
  • #3.Chess for Android - This is so fricken dum next time try a game that we can auctully win I keen c'mon were not the fricken gods of chess and u need 2 player mode
  • #4.Chess for Android - Great little chess game for Android. Ignore all comments about the computer cheating - none of them are aware of en passant pawn capture.
  • #5.Chess for Android - Yes, it should 5 star if I know to install new engine on this app, but unfortunately that menu is just in mind, not on your screen.
  • #6.Chess for Android - Fun takes my mind off the old lady playing on her phone all night its the best chess game for my phone I've found
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