• #1.Instagram - I don't like the fact that you're shown things really similar to what you've already liked. Good concept in theory, but the way it was put into motion is like forcefed advertisment. It's hard to find anything really new, and the same bullshit keeps blowin up over night
  • #2.Instagram - Please in the new update, make us can copy somebody comment to the clipboard. That would help me so much! Cause sometimes I need to translate another language that hard for me to understand and it's soooo hard for me to write them one by one.
  • #3.Instagram - Its a good app but it keeps asking me for verifiaction and i cant like any posts or comments on any of them and i cant even comment fix it then ill give 5 stars
  • #4.Instagram - I hate that people's posts on the feed aren't in order anymore! What's the point in taking that away? Why would we want to look at things out of chronological order?
  • #5.Instagram - Easy, simple and useful. From sharing pictures to texting long paragraphs, the app works flawlessly. The new icon is terrible though. 4 stars
  • #6.Instagram - I liked the last look better because the blue and white contrasted but now it's boring having full white but the picture as the screen and then I liked how I looked like a camera in the past when now it looks like someone lazy could make it. Come on sixth grades could've made a better design for instagram at least make it look like a camera and look nice. Everything else I like though.
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