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  • #1.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Unplayable on my galaxy s device, as soon as the race starts the game crushes making my phone freez,
  • #2.Toy Truck Rally 3D - I would give it a 5 star rating and i would play it ALL the time..but its too easy to turn it...hard to handle the car..you barely turn it right or left n your doing a complete 360�� turn.
  • #3.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Ads pop in the middle of the game. They pop up before you play and after. Way too often and during inappropriate times.
  • #4.Toy Truck Rally 3D - When I try to watch a vid and unlock new map it keeps taking me to the beginning and I have to start over
  • #5.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Idea is great. But it's almost impossible to control that thing... Stering controls veeeery confusing:/ Uninstaling
  • #6.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Awful control, camera jump from front to back of car and I lose orientation -after change camera look I don't know where I am.
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