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  • #1.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Newest updates cause horrible connection issues when putting phone into power saving mode. Something to do with background processes, obviously. Oh, and you can't copy and paste into chat heads anymore.
  • #2.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - I wish that the Facobbok messenger servers were better but its doing good and the updates every week love em! You guys shoukd invest in more ges like the bastketball one on messenger!
  • #3.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Very good app. I Just wish you didn't have to install an app to view messages. The messenger app should already be included in the Facebook app. Why 2 apps when they are apart of each other. Just takes up more memory/storage on my phone. Other than that it does what it's supposed to do and nothing wrong with the app. No complaints.
  • #4.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Ever since I updated the app it force closes like crazy in the middle of texts and calls. Please fix this
  • #5.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - As an 512MB RAM user i'm disappointed with the latest update, its so laggy and slow a.f.. I hope theres an udate to fix this.
  • #6.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - For me its helpful since i can text my frends for free.. Easy to use and all.. Maybe its just that it takes a lot of space instead of being part of fb... Anyway love u mark zuckerberg..
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