• #1.Toy Truck Rally 3D - This game is fun, but the text and menus are tiny, hard to press any buttons. The buttons for forwards and backwards are too small and too close, and I'm not a fan of tilt controls.
  • #2.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Cool game but the reverse feature sucks . It's confusing when you hit the reverse button. Bad viewing angle should just be a regular view like when going forward.
  • #3.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Tilt you phone and your car turns.....a considerable amount of time after you actually tilted your phone.
  • #4.Toy Truck Rally 3D - It froze my tablet and whenever I click on it it closes automatically. Fix your stupid game and get it together
  • #5.Toy Truck Rally 3D - I love this game.This game spend my time very easy.I swear that I really love this game And everyone please play this game
  • #6.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Poor everything really :/ apart from it being boring because there's no competition or time limits the steering is awful and there aren't any upgrades etc :/
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