• #1.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - Booked my tickets at lightning fast speed. It's very easy to navigate and very informative. My choice only BMS!! Just love it.
  • #2.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - Certain offers available only at some fixed time. Like ICICI Bank offers where you have to avail offer at exact 11 am or 3 pm or 7 pm. Ridiculous. My transaction didn't get through. Money charged, but tickets not booked. Hoping for reversal of payment. And now I can't seem to avail any other offer. On top of this they charge 10% (plus 14.5 service tax on Internet handling charge amount) per ticket. Seems too high for such an unreliable app.
  • #3.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - BMS is the worst mobile App I have ever seen. Half the time the App doesn't work and when it does, you get that 'Duh Duh Duh' bullshit error. Absolutely pathetic.
  • #4.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - That is so irritating! I used to love this app as it was flawless earlier. These days whenever I try to book tickets, it shows this Duh duh Duh duh duh Duh duh daa. Ahem. Sorry! (which is so irritating that I have broken a phone because of this!). This message appears always!!!!!!!!!! Even when I am having a good Internet connection!
  • #5.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - Pathetic experience when show gets cancelled they are least botherd to even return your money even after 20 days. booking id :MXBY-00F825-01B709
  • #6.BookMyShow - Movies, Events & Sports Match Tickets - Tickets once booked can't be cancelled. Now I have to watch Captain America : Civil War in hindi.
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