• #1.WhatsApp Messenger - Awesome. And it is very easy with new feature like document sharig. It has made the information transfer much easier this way. Good application.
  • #2.WhatsApp Messenger - Since this last update i am not able to get notifications for new massages when my mobile is in standby mood. On opening my mobile, i get all the notifications at once.
  • #3.WhatsApp Messenger - Need to fix an issue on marshmallow for note 5, if we reply directly from notification, the message is actually not sent out at all..u will only realise this when u open the app full. Then the data gets used up to send the reply..please fix this issue. App still remains one of the best..
  • #4.WhatsApp Messenger - In today's life without WhatsApp there is nothing. this app is best app I have ever seen.if video calling is available then this app will retain its no. 1 position for next five to ten years. So plz add the video calling feature in this app for Android and ios as soon as possible. Thnk u.....
  • #5.WhatsApp Messenger - Hey guys... I'm unable to receive any notification on my Whatsapp... please help me with it... I checked all possible settings ... nothing seems to work out ... I have been facing this error after downloading the latest update today
  • #6.WhatsApp Messenger - Whatsapp has a problem of storing media files to internal storage rather than external sd card.Please solve this.
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