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  • #1.Mobile Strike - Unless you have thousands of dollars, walk away. It's fun for a week or two. After that maybe you spend some money on gold and speed ups and it's still OK. But once you get a little power (even in an alliance) you get hammered nightly. Soon you realize you'll never have same power as those who've been playing for a year. Then it's just rebuild, get hit. Repeat. Boring at that point. There's a reason Arnold does the commercials, they make more than enough to pay him. Find better things for your money.
  • #2.Mobile Strike - Too good game but loading too long and too heavy..too many lagging...fix it..the game is awesome.I already used high speed wifi to play is game but it takes too long to loading and frequently shutdown during playing.
  • #3.Mobile Strike - I mean i like it but its total false advertising. The commercial is NOTHING like the game.....AT ALL. The pics they have right here are misleading also. And you got players that are SUPER powered up picking on little guys. Alot of problems and you need to spend SERIOUSLY about 2500$ just to be half as strong as the top players. Money hole and false advertising. But its alright to chat and waste some time.
  • #4.Mobile Strike - i rated a 3 has a real problem with shutting down in the middle of the game a lot it gets very annoying.this happens on the android tablet and smart phone.u ever going to fix this problem??????? I TOOK THIS DOWN TO ONE STAR EITHER FIX THIS GAME OR I UNINSTALL...IT SHUTS DOWN CONSTANTLY AND I LOOSE WHAT EVER I'M TRYING TO WORK FOR MY KEYBOARD WON'T POP UP IN CHAT I AM USING MY ANDROID TABLET I HAD TO LEAVE THIS COMMENT FROM MY LAPTOP THIS IS GETTING WORSE YES I'M HOLLERING I'M TIRED OF BUILDING UP THEM LOOSING ANY RESOURCES OR GIFTS I GET DUE TO SHUTTING DOWN...I CAN'T GET ANY WHERE HOW CAN U BUILD A GAME AND NO ONE CAN HAVE FUN BECAUSE ITS NOTHING BUT A HEADACHE NOW I WAS PATIENT SINCE MY LAST COMMENT I AM NOT PATIENT ANY MORE THIS IS BULL.....ONE WEEK THEN I UNINSTALL IF THIS IS IGNORED....DON'T BUILD A NY GAMES IF YOU CAN'T MAINTAIN IT.....ok since you developers dont listen you will hear from my attorney i have 2 MIND YOU 2 TABLETS they are now broken because YOU CANT CORRECT A GAME my daughter threw the one and screen board broke on the other its high time developers pay for aggravation they cause u owe me 2 tablets my attorney will call you......enough is enough..
  • #5.Mobile Strike - DON'T DOWNLOAD, so many bugs! It is free to download, but to be competive u MUST spend! I know people who have spent thousands! Its just like game of war. And the greed of the corp. owners is astounding. Plus game lags u0026amp; kicks u off line at bad times. Costing u more $ - how convenient! I suspect anyone giving it 5 stars probably works for the company, you cant see the battles. Trash game, sorry Arnold is being used to screw people over
  • #6.Mobile Strike - A perfect MMO game that is constantly being updated with new features. Tons of players making it extremely socially active. Very addicting and overall fun game.
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