• #1.AppLock - I got New phone Samsung j7 n watever I'm hiding aft a min. I can see dat pics n video in my gallery again plz fix it as soon possible den only I Wil giv 5 stars
  • #2.AppLock - Hey hey this is verry cool app after install advance protection but some feature is missing in new version sir pls can u give me ur email then i will send you the old app lock screen shot image
  • #3.AppLock - Its Did not Work On my Device I ball Andi Avonte 5.. After Reinstall Its Work But After Lock Screen. Unlock Its did Not Work !!!!!!!
  • #4.AppLock - This is fine but still you can uninstall the app by disabling the app's device administrator privilege in settings. Once I uninstalled the AppLock hoping my data would go away but, when I reinstalled the app old data were appeared. Dangerous thing about this is, one can simply install the AppLock on a device providing his/her own pattern/password and access our data, which we been assuming that are already gone.
  • #5.AppLock - I rebooted my phone and i lost dis app and photos n videos in my fone nw 'm not using dat fone nw installed dis app with same email id in samung (jelly bean) mob nw i didnt get my photos n videos in this app
  • #6.AppLock - How to use this fingerprint cover i dn't get it? It is saying tap that finger for some time and i tried it many times but i dn't get the trick how to apply
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