application of stack data structure (10001 results)
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  • #1.Stack - very detailed nice organization of the colors,excellent graphics it amused me by how the portions on how they well the colors look like a rainbow melting into each other colors are very vibrant in a exquisite way,To lower the level itdown its a pretty cool game
  • #2.Stack - The screen turns old telivisions only and red dots are coming. Like the screen is broken .it is not working on my samsung grand prime .any solution..?
  • #3.Stack - I hate it because sometimes when i click, the block is too late to response my touch.. need bug fix.. not because my phone is lagging.. the game is bugging with sometimes slow touch response
  • #4.Stack - This game make me relax and if I ever do the warhead challenge I can play this game get it now
  • #5.Stack - It also pops up adds while playing interrupting play and causing missclicks. Once I finally had enough points to buy something it randomly got one for me and spent my points. Further, the skin it purchased made the game harder to see and therefore play.
  • #6.Stack - Move the ads to top side of screen please! I dont mind ads, but if it gets on my way that's ridiculous
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