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  • #1.Stack - The game lags Everytime I play a game and what would have been a good place would be the end of the game
  • #2.Stack - I love this game, it put me in a good mood. it also just relaxs me too because most of the time im very stressed. but overall i love this game
  • #3.Stack - It is a great game to help pass time. It's simple to play. But I feel like there's something missing from it. I don't know what, but I think it needs more modes. If that's even possible.
  • #4.Stack - How can you be this incompetant to have ads play in the middle of the game. I played one game and you had a dumb ad play, pausing the game, and when it went back I lost. Pathetic game designer with no grasp on the basics, avoid bad devs like this one.
  • #5.Stack - This is pretty good, thought it would be boring. Just 5 mins since i installed and its already addictive.
  • #6.Stack - I love how there are so many different color which I think are beautiful there is one thing the lag but that's OK I doesn't harm me
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