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  • #1.Stack - I love the art style, it is relaxing and enjoyable!! Also I think that the game itself is incredible and very clever but at the same time I think that it is very simple!! It is a very unique game!! The game is a very good time waster and I would highly recommend it to people who have spare time on their hands...but be warned, it is very addictive!! The adds do get a bit annoying but then again the art style makes up for that!!
  • #2.Stack - It's a great game and all its relaxing, challenging, and addictive just what I like in a game. But sometimes I'll be in the middle of a game on a perfect streak and an ad pops up. I was in a competition with my brother and lost because an ad poped up in the middle of my game. But like I said great app I love it.
  • #3.Stack - This is hells fun, but it's going to take a long time to build enough coins for goodies. u0026amp;gt;.u0026amp;lt;
  • #4.Stack - I am using a samsung galaxy core prime at the moment and when I open the game the screen is all blurry and the graphics are stretched and cut into small rectangles that are different colours. Plz fix.
  • #5.Stack - Its very simple but fun. No in app buying nonsense. Just a fun simple game. The atmosphere feels a bit like monument valley.
  • #6.Stack - Randomly when on a roll the app will just delay the recognition of a tap... Do enjoy the game but when this happens and makes you lose it is extremely frustrating
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