application of stack in data structure (10001 results)
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  • #1.Stack - Before Id even started a single game I was spammed into going to the download page for another game. Uninstalled.
  • #2.Stack - I love the game but it won't let me unlock the new modes. I don't know if it's just me/my phone or if other people can't access the new modes either
  • #3.Stack - i think this game will be more interesting if u put music while playing this, and the music go more fast for more taller it got
  • #4.Stack - Its not accurate whatsoever. Every time it gets closer to lining up it lags and glitches and freezes up for a quick second. I figured it was my phone but it's not. my friends downloaded it on their phone and the same thing happened.
  • #5.Stack - The last update. At First I thought it was my phone, but the game has become glitchy making it impossible for me to beat my score of 137. Please fix /:
  • #6.Stack - I played 2 games, said "this it it?" And uninstalled. Thought this would be physics based or something, but it really is the simplest game...
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