• #1.Stack - Ads I understand... but these new ads that pop up mid-game, knocking you out of the zone? Ruined the experience completely. Otherwise a good addictive game
  • #2.Stack - Simple, pretty and oh so addictive, what could be better? Just drop your squares as close on top or the piece gets smaller and smaller until you miss. How high can you go? Just wish we could save the pretty stacks in a pic for a wallpaper!
  • #3.Stack - It's a fun game but it won't let me buy the textures I want I just have to keep getting the money for it to just give me a random one I don't like
  • #4.Stack - It is good but you should be able to buy your own designs. Plus jelly is stupid. But other than that it's a great game.
  • #5.Stack - All halls games are so simple....which is surprising to why they're the funest. I recommended this game Jelly Jump and Color Switch to people who love this game. And if your have a problem with the game sorry but something may be wrong with ur phone. Js
  • #6.Stack - I saved enough dimonds because really wanted the jelly one and then it was saying you can only buy the maze and then a saved up another 200 so I had 400 and it wouldn't let me other than that a really good addictive game and would recommend it
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