• #1.Stack - I love the game but as soon as I earned 200 diamonds, I tried to unlock the other "skins" of the bricks, but it just won't work. Didn't lose any diamonds, though.
  • #2.Stack - Fun and flowing whenever I have a mental block of some sort (like in drawing or writing) it's nice to play this and get the thought ls flowin.
  • #3.Stack - very detailed nice organization of the colors,excellent graphics it amused me by how the portions on how they well the colors look like a rainbow melting into each other colors are very vibrant in a exquisite way,To lower the level itdown its a pretty cool game
  • #4.Stack - I understand the need to make revenue but who puts an ad EVERYTIME while youre in the middle of playing a timing related game. Not only does it throw you off but it ruins your day. Uninstalled
  • #5.Stack - This game has me hooked! Whoever came up with the idea genius. Like the tap to drop better then the having to balance. How bout some new tunes. I'll help of wanted ;) thanks guys
  • #6.Stack - Lag in your game is horrendous. How can you expect accurate results when you don't have good playability in a timing specific game? I hit the screen right on target or close to it, block drops a mile away 30 seconds later and I lose. Awesome!
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