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  • #1.Auto Call Recorder - It s d best call recording app ever! Actually by mistake while saving phone data to laptop, i sumhw did Cut n Paste from phone to laptop...Nw i want to repaste same saved call recordings again back to my phone..while doin d same its gettin transfered to phone Voice Recorder... n nt to ur original app... plsssss help me to get it back on ur actual app.
  • #2.Auto Call Recorder - I have been using it for few days now but the recording is not that good, it's setting has option of changing from Mic or Voice Call but when the Recording starts it changes to default Mic and With recording from Mic you can only hear your voice clearly but the sound of the Person on the Other side of the call is not Loud and Clear. Sorry But I didn't like the App
  • #3.Auto Call Recorder - When I listen to my recordings my voice sounds good but the person on the other side's voice is not audible and way to loud. You can't tell what they're saying at all. Is there a setting or something that I can miss with? I'll give it a 5 if I can get it to work properly.
  • #4.Auto Call Recorder - Since the android update all of a sudden it's not working. Calls show as having recorded but I can't play any of the new calls for some reason. Help please!
  • #5.Auto Call Recorder - This app used to work the way it advertised, but recently after an update it has been an awful experience. I hang up calls and the recording symbol is still there showing it is still recording?!? Ridiculous cookie cutter app that is doing nothing but mess with my phone. Was gonna upgrade to the pro version but I don't see any sense in that now.
  • #6.Auto Call Recorder - Sometimes it doesn't record and saved items doesn't play anymore for the next time nor you can transfer it to another device etc...
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