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  • #1.Auto Call Recorder - I like the concept and it works well but what I have found is that I can't hear the other party when it's not on speaker phone. The other thing I've noticed is during a very important phone call with an attorney I received a second call and clicked over then went back to my call with attorney. When j went back to hear my conversation which included a quote conversation had stopped recording after I answered second call. Once they fix these two issues; can be rated a great app.
  • #2.Auto Call Recorder - I have had this app for a year now it's always worked on all my other phones. I get the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and can't hear the other persons voice! Love the app but hate that I'm looking for another one!
  • #3.Auto Call Recorder - Records the first word or two and the recording volume drops to nothing. From time to time a faint scratching can be heard that sounds like it might be a voice.
  • #4.Auto Call Recorder - It started recording as soon as it is dialed and recorded all unsuccessful calls. It is irritating to listen again all the ringing tones for long time and have such useless records saved. I would give 5stars if it could start recording only when the call is picked.
  • #5.Auto Call Recorder - Working earlier with other version of android other than 6.0 marshmallow as recording issue still there with marshmallow system. Please fix it.
  • #6.Auto Call Recorder - I have no idea, but sometimes it does not record the income/outcome calls. I am using note4 on kitkat as well as marshmallows recently.
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