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  • #1.Temple Run 2 - 3 months now since I finished all objectives on level 11 but won't go to next level.I've even done the last objective over u0026amp; over.Various times I've had to start over,not doing it again.I have a lot of coin u0026amp; gems u0026amp; items now.Really like this game. Please fix the problem without me losing all my stuff.Will rate 5 stars.That's your idea of fixing it?Now it shows last objective as not done,so I've done it 5 more times u0026amp; it won't even count it as finished.Its run 2000m without coins.Please fix this u0026amp;advance me
  • #2.Temple Run 2 - Wth! I am update and I have to start all over again! Also I emailed imangi studios support in April after the update and they didn't even have the decency to respond to my email.
  • #3.Temple Run 2 - My game got stuck at frozen collection. When the objective appears (gather all frozen artifacts) it goes on and on and leaving me no choice of closing the game.
  • #4.Temple Run 2 - I rated this game 5 stars because it wastes your time, so when your bored and you have nothing to do, just install this game and then it will waste your boredom
  • #5.Temple Run 2 - It is amazing. Its graphics is so Good. But I can not run the frozen shadow version of this game on my device (212 megabytes ram). Please solve it.
  • #6.Temple Run 2 - Amazing app game the creators have done great job. Not much lag. U should so get it. It is 110% better than temple run 1
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