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  • #1.Bike Racing 3D - Most wonderful game....only in 15 days i have completed all level with unlock the bikes also...good one...
  • #2.Bike Racing 3D - It was a good game for time pass . It is very interesting game. You can upgrade your motor bike and also purchase a new motor bike. The game is not so easy that you are thinking .It is a very simple game up to level 5 but after level 5 it becomes hard and hard. I have completed all the levels in this game.
  • #3.Bike Racing 3D - for every games. grhapics is the basic thing but in this game grhapics is not good and it will get hanging
  • #4.Bike Racing 3D - Awesome addictive games but bugs sometimes ruin the fun and ads distract you from gameplay but otherwise its a very well made game
  • #5.Bike Racing 3D - Got to the snow levels got to the checkered one the first level and it freezes won't do nothing. Loved the game up till this part
  • #6.Bike Racing 3D - The game does not look good but if you continue to play it gets addicting. Do not know whats coming next. I know a 720 flip is 4 times. How the F#u0026amp;k do you do it?
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